Contact 251-867-9622  

For information on scholarship opportunities and to add your child to our waiting list. 


We also work with DHR and Childcare South 


Current Fees: 


$60 Reg. Fee 


Weekly Fees: 


Program Participant - $115 

The Kid's Corner Pre-school, ages 2-5, exists to meet the developmental needs of each child in our program. We recognize that each child is unique and special; we are committed to helping all our children achieve their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body. We will make learning interesting and fun. 


Our Objectives 

We seek to help each child... 


- learn those basic skills that will support future academic and intellectual development; 

- enhance social skills that will encourage teamwork and friend-making; 

- build character by learning the YMCA's core values-caring,respect, responsibility and honesty; 

- develop self esteem that will foster poise and confidence 



To accomplish our objectives, we will offer a variety of activities, such as the following: 


Music Group work 

Art Recreation 

Crafts Sports 

Nature studies Informal play 

Storytelling Field trips 

Visits from special guests 

Theme-based learning activities 


Through these activities, children will be introduced to phonics, language arts, number and letter recognition, and colors. They will work both independently and within a group; they will learn to explore, discover, create, make choices, accept responsibilities, and solve problems; they will accept an enthusiasm for learning. 


Kid's Corner Pre-school is a state-licensed facility. You may obtain a copy of the minimum standards for day care centers and nighttime centers from the State Department of Human Resources, Office of Day Care licensing, Montgomery, Alabama, or the local County Dept. Of Human Resources. 


Our Pre-school Director, is also a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This is a professional organization specifically developed to address the academic, creative, social and emotional needs of the young child.