... "The gift that keeps on giving." 


The Brewton Area YMCA  

Charitable Foundation, Inc. 

1 YMCA Drive 

Brewton, AL 36426 

How can contributions be made? 


Outright gifts - cash or securities 


Appreciated Assets - such as real estate or other marketable assets. Receive a charitable deduction equal to the current market value of the asset without incurring capital gains taxes. 


Insurance - that makes the YMCA the owner or beneficiary of a new or existing insurance policy. 


Bequests - from your will leaving leaving designated assets to the YMCA. 


TRUSTS - Establish one of several types of trusts that provide you with a life income while leaving the balance to the YMCA upon your death. 


The YMCA is committed to meeting your investment desires. 

Any contributions you make may be restricted regarding its investment or its use, according to the terms of the donor's gift instrument. Donors are urged to consult their tax adviser regarding applicable tax benefits.